The Spin React CoolHex


The Spin React CoolHex is equipped with full motion enabling you to rock from side to side and move forward and backward so will enhance your training experience by adding a sense of realism, comfort and core muscle engagement to add an extra element to your smart spin training. Enabling you to train harder for longer or to purely make the journey more enjoyable.

The latest model in the range is built with quality 18mm birch phenolic plywood, offering a tough waterproof non-slip surface.

The Spin React CoolHex comes with a 12 Month manufacturer guarantee (not including wear & tear). A spare ball along with a mini pump and needle are included.

The Spin React CoolHex is just 605mm at its widest,1340mm long and 86mm high. 

Please note: All orders are currently being shipped with our new "CoolHex" finish

The Spin React CoolHex:: Echelon

The Spin React CoolHex:

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